Non voglio entrare nel paradiso dei normali. Preferisco di gran lunga il mio inferno personale!

PeSte Wallpaper

Vain love letters

Despite you are so
I can’t find words to dedicate to you
‘cause love in me
is over
at this time.
He comes back on alternate phases
like cars’ numberplates
circulating on an up and down way.
Flashing shields made
of ephemerals words
clash against your weapons made
of extreme perfidy
and freezing and false cunning.
Smiling harpy made of good hopes
and pleasing appearance.
Carrier of illusory happiness.
Apparently you seem
a kind fragile and paranoid
Easy masks
too much easy to wear
on your quiet features in the right
Lovable and odious being
I would you in my bed now
even if I know that at the end of the
I would like to cut your throat by myself
to prevent you to speak.
To prevent you
to say things
which long since
sound to me boring and repetitive.
Enjoy your flings
but don’t tell me about ‘em.
Hurt me sometimes
but don’t let anything bother me.
Experienced at doing all that
I hate or I don’t want.
I’m grateful to you to be not here
my darling.
Nevermore love letters.
Nevermore sweet words to you.
I know you are not interested in them.
You find them vain.
Much better.
Saved effort.